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13 February 1981
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I have a (my go she's) three year old child named Chris. I read a lot. usually about a book (4-500 pages) every two days or so. Often it's the same books over and over, but only because I love them so. I am dislexic so if my spelling sucks that's probably why. My mind also moves faster than I type, so there's that too. I am married, however that does not make me boring, who ever said that marrage was boring obviouly hasn't been married, or got married to the wrong person. gosh. I am here because I need one of these to comment on other people. And I guess that's fair. Though I'm not all that facinating. If I piss you off for some reason please check and make sure it was intentional. I have a nasty habit of upsetting people without knowing it. I will more than likely apologize for whatever I said. Or I will explain why I meant it, but why I did not intend to upset you. However, in the small chance that I did intend to piss you of, you proabaly deserved it, as far as I am concerned, and really it's my page, so that's all that matters here isn't it?
My interests, excepting my daughter and my husband and all things relating to them, are as follows:

Photography, study and practice there of,

Ren Faire, fun fun fun, when it's not making me crazy. And RPGs, d10 only, d20 drives me nuts.